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Plush Dentistry

At Plush Dentistry quality and precision are our top priority. Our office and services are designed with that in mind. The dental visit is a very private affair and we intend to keep it that way with private treatment suites for all procedures with amenities designed to reduce patient anxiety.

We don’t have a one-size-fits all philosophy when it comes to dentistry.

Every patient is unique and our focus is to get your oral health to the best state possible and then keep it that way.

While perks and amenities are nice add ons, it's not what one should base their dental health care decisions on. When we set out to design Plush Dentistry our vision was inspired by a constant pursuit for perfection in every aspect of patient care.  That vision is the reason behind the technology we offer at Plush Dentistry.

Private Suites - Plush Dentistry

Private Suites

Patient privacy was our main goal when designing the Plush Experience. To that end, we proudly offer Private Treatment Suites ensuring patient privacy and comfort.

Massage Chair - Plush Dentistry

Massage Chairs

Pelton & Crane 3300 - Massage chairs in every patient suite for relaxation and stress relief.

Hot Towel - Plush Dentistry


Refreshing warm and cold towels to help our patients reenergize and reduce stress before and after appointments.

Bose QC35 - Plush Dentistry

Bose Headphones

Bose QC35 Wireless noise canceling headphones

Scared of the dental drill? We get it!! We offer best in class noise canceling headphones to our patients to isolate the noise of the dental handpiece.

Magnification - Plush Dentistry


Designs for Vision

It’s the details that matter ! With that in mind, we use Designs for Vision 3.5X magnification loupes to ensure highest quality results in our dentistry.

Multi TV private rooms - Plush Dentistry


Flat Screens

TV's in every suite for patient education and entertainment. Rock to Pandora or catch up on your favorite Netflix show.

Hydrim - Plush Dentistry

The Pinnacle of Sterilization

HYDRIM - Automated Instrument Washing, State of the Art Sterile Center 

Precleaning is a vital step in sterilization. Removing bio-burden before sterilization
ensures adequate sterilization and patient safety. The hydrim does not leave anything to
chance! Visit the Hydrim site for more details ›

Nomad 2 - Plush Dentistry

Intra-oral low dose radiation exposure

NOMAD - Low radiation portable X-rays, safe for our patients and staff

NOMAD offers the lowest dose of radiation exposure to our patients as well as staff. Nomad's Pro 2 is not only safe, but effective ›

CS 1500 - Plush Dentistry


CS1500 Camera

Offering best in class image quality. Our CS 1500 serves as a vital patient education
and communication tool.


Electric Handpieces - Plush Dentistry

Electric Handpieces


Quiet, Precise, less vibration, fast and increased patient safety.

Plush Dentistry - Dryshield


Dentistry Simplified, Increased Patient Comfort, Safety and faster predictable dentistry.


NV® PRO3 Laser

Next generation cordless soft tissue micro laser designed to increase patient comfort during  gum recontouring,reshaping,gum therapy, restorative and ortho procedures.

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