Root Canal Therapy

Probably the most feared and unpleasant procedure associated with dentistry. It doesn’t have to be that way. In, fact when handled correctly it works to alleviate pain and anxiety.

A root canal is indicated in various scenarios, the most common being when the bacteria from the oral cavity have reached the nerve of the tooth. In simpler words when you have a big cavity that involves the nerve you will need root canal therapy β€” particularly if you experience spontaneous, throbbing, lingering pain. We determine that by performing a number of tests on the affected tooth.

The other scenarios where a root canal is necessary is in cases of trauma, which involve broken teeth with direct exposure of the nerve of the tooth.

Another variation of trauma to your tooth may present years later as a discolored tooth with no pain. This is a result of a previous injury such as a blow to the face due to a fall or during sports or a fight. The blood supply to the tooth is cut off resulting in pulpal necrosis (nerve breakdown), which is again diagnosed by conducting various tests on the tooth.

Root canal therapy is also indicated in cases of long standing infections associated with teeth, which have flared up.

The procedure usually is completed in 2-3 visits. The first visit involves removal of all the bacteria and the nerve of your tooth, followed by placement of medication inside the tooth and a temporary filling on top.

The 2nd visit involves, cleaning, shaping and obturation of  your nerve system inside the tooth.

The jury is out there on a preferred approach on root canals but at Plush Dentistry we advocate a two visit root canal as we feel it leads to predictable outcomes and a better patient experience.

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